Small Bites

Seasoned Fries
We put a few spices to go with our freshly fried fries. Add some ketchup to complement an entree!

MoBowl Chicken Tenders
Lightly fried boneless, skinless chicken topped with sweet & spicy glaze, sesame seeds, and mint. The perfect little snack!

Big Bites

Noodle or Rice Bowls served with side salad topped with our SEA Vinaigrette

Five-Spice Pulled Pork
A heavenly aroma comes from the bowl. Why? That's because we slow cook our pork for hours with our special mix of spices until they're fall off the bone tender!

Peanut Pesto Chicken
We added peanuts to our pesto so it became a mix of delicate and bold! The extra layer of flavor that comes from it is like a party in every bite.

Umami Tofu
Meaning 'savory' in Japanese, our Vegetarian-friendly option is served with a mix of everything 'meaty' in taste: Tomatoes, mushrooms, and topped with sesame seeds. You won't know you're not eating meat!

Hari Cari
Based off Southeast Asian Coconut cream Curries, our 'Cari' (Curry in Hindi) is loaded with Chicken, Potatoes, and Carrots. It's spicy and so delicious! Btw, we can make it hotter if you ask. :)

We have rotating specials that rotate in and out of our menu depending on the season, the weather, as well as what we think would be good. Come by and see what we have this week!


Cheesecake Egg Rolls
Cheesecake rolled in a fried shell!? Wha?!?! We lightly fry our favorite dessert and then pair it with a Cracked Pepper Pineapple Coulee. Are you salivating yet?


Can Soda, Water - $1

Mexican Coke, Gatorade - $2

Fresh Juices and Teas - $2 (Seasonal)